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Designspiration is focused on maintaining a high level of great design inspiration to share around the world. It is a nudity-free environment so browsing at anytime, anywhere is always safe.

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Community Rules

One of the great things about Designspiration is the quality content submitted by its users. Below are a few guidelines to help build a strong community and keep the content high quality and safe for work browsing.

All of the following rules still apply to any private or public collections.

  1. No Nudity
    This is a safe for work browsing website.

  2. No Nonsense
    There are a lot of images on the internet, but not all of them belong on Designspiration. Examples that shouldn't be uploaded are wedding planning, food, graphic violence, inappropriate images, internet memes, pictures of girls, or anything not design related.

  3. No Self Promo
    Designspiration is not a photo sharing site. Self promo can be great, but Designspiration is about design related content that inspires you. If you wish to do self promo, check out Behance, Dribble or Twitter.

  4. Credit Your Source
    We all like to be credited for the work we've done. Please find the original source.

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